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volution in dogsport is a constant process to which I've been open throughout the past years and still am.
   As well as handler and helper I've been searching and working on ways that could lead to the best for both,
   handler and dog. With my system I achieved very good results. In different countries, such as Finland, Norway,
   Sweden, Mexico, Italy, Canada,... I gave Workshops in the past years.
   I am at your service for organizing training week ends, workshops or seminars.
   Please feel free to contact me for filling in your expectations.
- training weekend-
March 2011
April   2011
Meridian Rottweiler League Anouncement   
June 17-18-19   2011    NORWAY
July 15-16-17   2011     SWEDEN
org: Kennel Kulla Gulla
September   2011    CANADA     
October 22, 23
- training weekend-
November 18-19-20   2011    FRANCE
November 25-27   2011    NORWAY
org. Arvid Hagen
  November    2010       NORWAY
  September    2010       CANADA
  August    2010       SWEDEN
  July    2010       NORWAY
  June    2010       CANADA
  May    2010          NORWAY
  April    2010       FINLAND
  February    2010       ITALY
  July    2009       FINLAND
  March    2009       MEXICO
  February    2009       ITALY
January  27/28/29 NORWAY  org: Arvid Hagen
February 24/25/26 NORWAY  org: Arvid Hagen       VIDEO
March 09/10/11 FRANCE   org: Nicolas Riou - Les Plaines de Rottweil
March 30 - April 01 NORWAY  org: Lone Sveum
May 18/19/20 CANADA
(Pacific Schutzhund Dogsport Club in Duncan, BC CANADA)
May 23/24/25 CANADA
(Victoria Rottweiler Club in Victoria, BC CANADA)
June 8/9/10 NORWAY org: Hege-Kristin Ulleberg
June 21/22/23/24 SWEDEN   org: Soffie Modin - Team Extreme Rottweiler
July 27/28/29 NORWAY  org: Lone Sveum Bertelsen
August 17 /18/19 NORWAY   org: Kristine Hermansen
September 21 - 25
SOUTH AFRICA  org: Meridian Rottweiler Club
October 18 - 29 CANADA
(Victoria Rottweiler Club in Victoria, BC CANADA)