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Read here the testimonial from the Meridian Rottweiler League about my Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa
May 2011

I would like to thank Nick for all his help , encouragement and good advice in my dog training.
I have known Nick for a little over 1 year and at this time I have  been to five seminars with him in Norway and Sweden. I've been to  Belgium to train with Nick for 4 days. And I'm always super happy with  your help:)
You are a exellent helper and coach, and i know that all the participants at the seminar I have organized are very pleased with  what they have learned:)
But beside beeing execellent helper and an encouraging coach, you are  a really friendly and nice person, both you and you familie has taken me and my friends in to your house and space . And i can not thank you enougt for what your support and encourage has meent to me in a  difficult time.
I have trained different dogs with Nick, Amiee, Nemus, Max and Dina and you have allways seen the dogs different personalities and I now  that Nick see the dogs for who they are and find the right way to help me with them.
Thank you soo much for all your help and understanding and im so  looking forward to training more with you in the future, i belive we can make it happen, only sky is the limit now :) thanks for beeing my  good friend, helper and coach :)

Best regards Lone S Bertelsen and the dogs :)


Hi Nick
Thanks for a great weekends protection training, both Tinkerbell and me really enjoyed the work and esspecially the work done in the forest, we look forward to coming over again soon.

John & Tinkerbell ;-)  27.02.2011


My dogs breeder Theresia from Kenne Heizelwood, organized a bitework seminar at Lepaa, Finland in 24 th-26th July. To our coach she invited helper Nick Vannerom. I had heard lots of good things for advace about Nick. After all he had helped allready so many dogs before, for example Heizelwood Lucky who had competed successfully in the past.
I have to say that everything that I did hear from Nick for advance turned up to be SO true and more! He was so great in just beeing with all of the dogs over there. And I think that all of the participants over there were very pleased with him and he´s helper skills. In my opinion he is very skilful helper who knows how to read dogs and train them just like that certain dog needs to be trained.
I hade some minor problems with my dog in bitework. At first we discussed about them a little bit, and after that he took couple of successful trains with my dog. Nick did so good job during that weekend to help us! He also gave us many great tips for our IPO1 which is coming soon, and also how to train better in the future. I liked he´s "style" to train dogs and especially my own, who is a little over three years old rottweiler male with good motivation and thik head... :)
Also in addition to that he is a skilful and dedicated helper, he is also a very great guy to just sit and talk about dogs and training of them :) Thank you Nick again and hope that some day we´ll meet again !!
Paula & Heizelwood Ace   05.08.2009


Bedankt voor het begeleiden en helpen met het pakwerk als voorbereiding op het WK rottweilers 2008, waar ik met Homer Vom Hause Neubrand als 3e eindigde met als beste in afdeling C met 97 punten. NICK BEDANKT!!!!!!!!!
Herman van Loon


The Police Dog Training Centre in brief

The task of the Police Dog Training Centre is to train the dog handlers, acquire all the police dogs needed and develop police dog operations. In addition to this, the Police Dog Training Centre monitors the standard of police dog training and the professional skills of the dog handlers, and maintains contact with various authorities and other stakeholder groups.

Police dog operations in Finland started in 1905, when the first police dog was brought to the Helsinki Police Department from Germany. The Police Dog Training Centre started operations in its present location in scenic Rinkelinmäki in Hämeenlinna in 1927. The Police Dog Training Centre has been a profit unit under the Police College since 1996.

The Police Dog Training Centre has an area of seven hectares in all, comprising training fields and other training areas, a training building, an obstacle course, classrooms and accommodation facilities, an office and a kennel. There is accommodation for 30 dog handlers and space for 41 dogs.
The Police Dog Training Centre has a staff of 13, some of whom are police officers seconded from the field for a fixed term.

Thank You, Nick Vannerom, for your help and teamwork !
The Police Dog Training Centre of Finland


I’m visiting your trainingcamp in Finland several times and every time i’m getting excellent advice in obedience, tracking and biteworking. Every time in training you need 100% for me and my dogs but every situation goes calm and mainpoint is dogtraining-not big show.
Big think is that you are excellent helper and coach but even bigger think is that you are very nice person, always friendly etc so i’m very happy that i’m meeting you- my friend !!
Thank you very much every tips and trainings in Finland and of course thank you choise me malinoispuppy Cobra v.d. Berlex-Hoeve. Now she is making two excellent litters kennel Ruutipussi.
You and you family are always welcome to Finland!!
Best regards from Finland,
Mika Lindberg with IPO3 Tarkatan Basilika
2004 Finnish champion, place 5. (belgium shepherds)
2005 Finnish champion, place 7. (all breeds)
Scandinavian IPO-champion, place 1. (all breeds)
Finnish champion, place 7. (belgium shepherds)
2006 Finnish champion place 7. (all breeds)
Scandinavian IPO-champion, 5. (all breeds)
Finnish champion, place 9. (belgium shepherds)
2007 World Champion (France), place 41 (belgium shepherds)

After one and a half month of quality training, we ware able to attend to IPO 3 test and passed that with excellent result. On june 2003 Nick encouraged us to attend to the CACIT-competion in Netherlands. Lucky was the only rottweilwer on the field but we managed to take fine 20th place among 80 top class protection dogs. Nick coached us and prepared us mentaly enhancing our self-confidence. He was able to adjust his handler work for Rottweiler and trained us to a great level. We attended to five IPO 3 tests during year 2003 and we passed them all with exellent results. Lucky was nominated the best working rottweiler in Finland on that year. Our best acchievment, also on the year 2003, was to win Rottweilers European Championship with total points of 288. (tracking 100, obedience 92 protection work 96) .
During the year 2004 we were fifth on the World Championships of Rottweiler-dogs with points 89 94 90 273.
Nick has trained several IPO-handlers in Finland and Sweden. He is a very nice person and his training style is friendly but demanding.
THANK YOU NICK! Without you we could not have been able to acchieve top level performances and the mentality of a top competitor.
You will always have little corner in my heart.

Terhi Kaalamo and Heizelwood Lucky


Hi there everybody wich-ones are really interested about dog-SPORT !
My name is Lasse Kulmalahti ,and I live in Finland. I´ve been training dogs since year 1991 .
1st rottweiler male for "rescue-seekingdog-in forrest"& also IPO,then with malinois bitch from Deux-Pottois Kennel ,for IPO and at the same time I got Male ,Turco v.d.Duvetorre to train' this dog,and to made it qualified 3 times in worldchampionships to present TEAM FINLAND, also for all races & for 'belgium herders'(2001-2003).I also got my very special-one dog(Coyote) thru Nick,from Mr. Bert Aerts, Kennel Berlex-Hoeve.
We met with Nick,first time ...I think,year 1997 or 98. When he was invited to finland and I had change to go there to listen this guy.
After this ,I think atleast ones ,every year we( I) have invited Nick to Finland for our club To tell his opinions about dog training with his spesific way. Now,these days, we are more than friends and he is like family member with my family.
When I realised ( year 1997) ,that we need in finland real Dogsport-Club ,I builded up Hundsfott Club. This is club wich is supporting/training dogs, with owners ,wich-ones really want to make dog-sport , and only dogsport ! (we have critical rules/amount for members,so it's qualifying immediatly trainers from 'trainers').In our club we have noticed that when we need some feedback & help for trainings or dog-needs,It's natural for us to call and ask from Nick some help/advices ,and also when it's possible to arrange training camp,and solve some things thrue ....

Thank you Nick ,for HELPING US!!! Also Thank you for REALLY good advices&comments&dogs !
Lasse & Hundsfott club,Finland.
Aricle in the" Belgier Journal" / Dec 2013 about my seminar in Germany