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26.07.2010 : Here he is, the new hope of the kennel !!! Jork van het Dreiland !!! Jork is a son of  Doc x Atra vom Roten Phönix.
it is a combination of the strong character of Doc and the speed and will to please of Atra !!! a perfect combination ... !!!
Jork van het Dreiland 
Heeling                                                                       long bite flying Jork
tracking 17w
tracking 20w
protection @ 7m
tracking 7,5m
first steps in obedience
protection work at 11,5 m
obedience at 11,5 m

protection work at 14m
retrieve & send away 14,5m
protection work at 17m
obedience at 17m
tracking at 17m

protection at 20m
protection at 21m

training protection work 25m
training protection work 27m
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* 26.05.2010 

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