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In this all-breedclub I'm active as a helper, together with Kim Geluykens, a very talented helper for both training and trials !
Also an active member is Luc Vernelen, one of the greatest Belgian specialists in tracking ! He has helped many handlers preparing their dogs for tracking on worldchampionships and other important trials, with great scores for result ! Luc himself has participated a worldchampionship not less than 6 times and he is the best, both on the trackingfield as on the trainingfield if you need someone with "the right stuff" to help you solve problems.

Also a training member at our club is Dirk Vandecasteele, an FCI-IPO judge and a specialist-judge for the Rottweiler (show).

Several members of our club have participated - and hopefully will do so again - worldchampionships as for instance the FCI-worldchampionship all breeds, Belgian Sheppard, Rottweiler, Dobermann ... .

Everyone who is interested to witness or participate a trainingsession or who wants to organise a seminar in cooperation with a helper, a handler, a judge or a combination of those, can always contact us !!
De Ware Vrienden