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Even as a child, dogs were already a passion for me. When I was 11 years old, my parents bought me my first dog, a Labrador-retriever that I trained in obedience, my first contact with dogsport. I became a member of the club "Diestse Hond Als Vriend", obtained very good results and became 4 times the clubchampion.

In 1991 I bought my first Rottweiler, Jedo van 't Straotje and found my greatest passion : training dogs in the IPO-program.
We still trained at the same club and encouraged by Roger Vandereyken, I took my first steps as a helper.

Throughout the years I have trained several dogs to IPO I II III level and participated to trials of all kind:  clubtrials, selection-trials (CAC), international trials (CACIT), Belgian championships and even 3 x the IFR-worldchampionship for Rottweilers.
Also, I trained several dogs form different countries  (Belgium, France, Sweden, USA, ...) to IPO I level.

After a long search, in 2004, I bought Doc van het Dreiland as a pup. As from first start already I thought him to be a very special dog, also a dog with a very special character.
It may have costed me sweat, blood and tears but with him I achieved great results. We won several championship-trials,  we were selected for several worldchampionships, we became vice Belgian champion FCI all breeds 2009 and Belgian Champion for Belgian shephards in 2008 !!!
In 2009, I got the award of Best IPO-sportsman of 2009 !

In 1992 I became an officially recognised FCI-instructor and tracklayer in the IPO-program and in 1997 I obtained my licence as helper. During all those years I was already active in an all-breed-club where I had the opportunity to become experienced and to know how to look and find solutions for every dog, whatever the breed and/or characteristics.
Since then, I have been a helper at more than 80 official trials, clubtrials, selection-trials, international selection-trials, selection trials in Finland, the Belgian championship all breeds, Belgian championship for Belgian Shepherds, Belgian championship for Rottweilers, for Dobermanns and with the IFR-worldchampionship as a highlight.
As a training-helper, in cooperation with other members of our club, I succeeded in helping clubmembers select themselves for several worldchampionships as for instance the FCI-worldchampionship all breeds, Belgian Shepherds, Rottweiler, Dobermann.
For instance, Terhi Kaalamo, with her Rottweiler Heizelwood Lucky trained with me for one year .... and became European champion a few months later ....

By training several breeds and using different methods like the clicker, e-collar .... or a combination of both, we developed "our own method" ... that shows great results on the field !
It has been an honour and a pleasure to communicate and exchange my experiences and methods during seminars in Finland, Sweden, Italy, .... and to have met many people who share my passion for dog-sport !

I would like to thank everybody who has helped or supported me ... because as you know : dogsport is not something you  
can do alone !

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